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Get Ready to Jam

Tribute Fest Rides the Waves of Classic Hits and Timeless Tunes

Mark your calendars for a musical event on August 25th & 26th  where the greatest legends of music come alive once more. This year’s Tribute Fest turns back the hands of time as we experience yet again the magic of classic hits performed by talented tribute artists.

Tribute Fest is more than just a music celebration. It’s a harmonious gathering that resonates a heartfelt cause, while the festival’s main stage will echo with the timeless tunes of legendary artists whose impact extends far beyond the music.


Image courtesy of  Tribute Fest. Photo sourced from Tribute Fest Facebook page


Music for a Cause Rallies to Support Homeless Veterans

For over 25 years, Tribute Fest is dedicated to supporting homeless veterans who bravely fought and risked their lives for this country as we continue to enjoy our freedom. As fans gather to relive the magic of iconic melodies, they’re also contributing to a vital mission by aiding those who’ve served overseas and now find themselves without a place to call home.

Alternatively, tribute festivals provide a platform for talented tribute bands and musicians to showcase their skills. These performers invest significant effort into replicating the sound, style, and stage presence of the artists they’re paying tribute to. Up-and-coming talents can use this event as an avenue to support local music scenes that feature local or regional tribute bands and exposure for emerging artists. It can also be a launching pad for these bands to gain wider recognition.

So, if you’re ready to groove to the beats of history and be part of a meaningful cause, save the date for this year’s Tribute Fest. Make your lodging arrangements ahead at one of the top Duluth lodge destinations in Minnesota. Secure your spot in the heart of the action at the Inn on Lake Superior before the Tribute Fest sweeps the town. Don’t miss the chance to wake up to breathtaking lakeside views just steps away from the festival’s rhythms.