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Captivating Beauty and Mystery

Exploring Gitche Gumee, the Mighty Lake Superior

Did you know that Gitche Gumee is a legendary Ojibwe name for Lake Superior which means “Great Sea” in English? It has a surface area of 31,700 square miles, and an estimated depth of 1,333 feet making it the largest and the deepest of the Great Lakes.



Lake Superior holds a fascinating abundant history that goes back thousands of years formed by a multitude of cultures, exploration, trade, and its road to shaping into the sophistication of modern society. The cultural connection between Ojibwe (the American Indians that inhabited the region around Lake Superior) and Lake Superior runs deep as the people’s way of life revolves around the great lake for food, transportation, and spiritual relevance.

The magnificence of Lake Superior and its strategic location for trade has attracted many European explorers. Its connection from North America to the Great Lakes region made it a vital route for fur traders, which eventually led to the establishment of fur trading posts along its shores. The trade paved the way for European settlers to interact with the natives which greatly influenced the economic development of the region. Like the rest of the world, Lake Superior underwent a lot of changes in its landscape resulting from industrialization, yet maintained its natural beauty, and the Ojibwe’s cultural fabric is still celebrated by indigenous communities to this day.


Journey Through Time: Unveiling the Rich History and Allure of Lake Superior

Fast forward to the present day Duluth, Minnesota, Lake Superior’s majestic beauty laid the foundations for beautiful Duluth attractions. We are proud to say that one of the most fascinating and successful contributions to this industry is our very own Inn On Lake Superior! Situated along the elegant shores of Gitche Gumee, the Inn On Lake Superior is a wonderful escape for travelers looking to experience the uniquely tranquil space of Duluth attractions. We are confident about our place among Lake Superior hotels as one of the best, the moment you step into our welcoming premises to the stunning views of the lake’s gentle waves facing the hotel grounds. The ideal blend of comfort, adventure, and nature’s serene historical spirit is significantly palpable in this outstretched Lake Superior resort.

Whether you seek adventure or simply yearn for a time of peacefulness in the lake’s crystal clear waters, the Gitche Gumee never ceases to amaze, and so does your memorable stay at the Inn On Lake Superior!